Literary plagiarism is serious act and malpractice to publish original author’s literature, information, text, concepts, figures, graphs or similar material through your literature without any reference to the original author. Mentioning the name of the original author, using a text or information as a reference cannot be considered plagiarism.

The Gina Journal editorial board, find out plagiarism with the help of software and helps to publish original works. If a researcher’s works is found to be plagiarised, it will not be published under any circumstances. The Gina Journal editorial board will send the report regarding plagiarism to the researcher.

The researcher must check plagiarism in his work before sending the copy of research work. It will be mandatory to fill the Declaration Form along with the research paper and send it by e-mail to the editorial board.

The editorial board will provide link to verify plagiarism. He/She can verify on his/her own work by using the following links. He/She can also download his/her Plagiarism Report. These links are for information only.