March 7, 2023


By Gina Journal

Copyright Form Sangam

Title of the Manuscript: ___________________
All Authors: _______________________
Hereby, I declare on behalf of myself and my co-authors (if any) that:
1. The article submitted to Sangam is unpublished original material and it is not under
consideration for publication in any other peer-reviewed journal.
2. I/We assure that the article published in Sangam will not be republished in the same form
in any other publication medium.
3. I the corresponding/principle author of the manuscript has obtained the permission of all
the co-authors (if any) to publish the manuscript in Sangam.
4. I/We declare, the manuscript does not contain any unlawful material.
5. I/we grant the permission to Sangam to publish the manuscript and edit the manuscript for
the purpose of publication.
6. I/We grant permission to Sangam to withdraw/remove the manuscript without any notice
in case of any ethical issue arises.
Hereby, I/We the corresponding/principle and co-author(s) sign in the copyright form and transfer
the rights to Sangam for publishing the manuscript.
Signature of All Author(s): ___________________
______________ Date: ________


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