June 18, 2023

Yoga In the realm of peace-Mary George USA

By Gina Journal


In the realm of peace and serene repose,
Where body and soul in harmony compose,
A practice ancient, yet ever new,
Yoga’s embrace, I now pursue.

As I unroll my mat with care,
I embark on a journey, beyond compare.
A dance of breath, a flow of grace,
Yoga’s magic unfolds, at its own pace.

With each asana, I find my ground,
Rooted in stillness, strength profound.
Mountain pose, tall and grand,
Anchoring me, as life’s storms expand.

Forward fold, a humble bow,
Releasing burdens, letting go.
In the fold, I find surrender,
A moment’s pause, to remember.

Warrior’s stance, fierce and bold,
Courage rising, stories untold.
In every warrior’s graceful stride,
I find the warrior within reside.

Balancing poses, delicate and light,
Teaching me focus, with all my might.
Like a tightrope walker, I tread with care,
Embracing the present, without a snare.

In the silence of Savasana’s rest,
I’m cradled in bliss, supremely blessed.
The whispers of peace, caress my soul,
Yoga’s gentle symphony, making me whole.

From the depths of my being, gratitude springs,
For this ancient practice, that joy brings.
Yoga, a sacred union of body and mind,
In its embrace, pure bliss I find.

So let us weave this tapestry divine,
Inhaling love, exhaling the divine.
For in each breath, we truly see,
The interconnectedness of you and me.

In the realm of peace and serene repose,
Yoga’s essence in our hearts, it grows.
May we forever dance upon its sacred stage,
Embracing the wisdom, at every age.

– Mary George USA